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The corny answer is I absolutely LOVE helping people plan their vacations! Finding the perfect cruise ship or resort that fits for a couple, family or group of friends to enjoy together is incredibly satisfying. I love the hunt to find the itinerary that perfectly fits what someone wants for their vacation.
I also enjoy looking past the beaches and shopping excursions and finding that unique experience to do in a city. One example of that is a cruise we took with a stop in Antigua. While in Antigua, I arranged for our small group to go on a tour of a local donkey rescue. While we did not see a single person from any cruise ships there, we did get to visit with a group of kids on a field trip from a local elementary school. Visiting with and learning about the donkeys and watching how much fun those kids were having made for a really great afternoon. We had such a good time! In Grand Cayman, on another cruise, I arranged for a few of us to head over to Cayman Spirts Co., a small distillery on the island. It was just our small group along with a few other people who were vacationing on the island. We had a blast tasting the rum and getting a tour of the distillery from one of the owners. We even danced a little salsa with our bartender while we waited for our taxi to return! Was a very fun afternoon!
The best part for me of planning vacations is when my client’s trip is over and I hear from them how great a vacation everyone had. That is an email or phone call that can’t be beat!

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